Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sydney Series - St Mary's Cathedral

On one of the days during my stay at Sydney, I walked from Circular Quay to the St. Mary’s Cathedral via the Royal Botanic Gardens via Mrs Macquarie's Chair, and back. I stopped at several places to view the environs, and other places of interest. Was a great way to explore multiple areas of the city, especially when one is totally free; otherwise, there's always the efficient public transport system and taxi services to rely on. Oh yes, my soul was content but my feet were killing me at the end of the day!

This cathedral is located in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from the central business district and Hyde Park. To know more about the cathedral, see WikipediaEntry to the cathedral is free. Please maintain silence and adhere to the rules/guidelines of the religious place. When I entered, the cathedral was almost empty and beautifully serene; was later flooded with tourists from China.  

The gorgeous stained glass panels, the almost golden-brown colored sandstone, and the yellow lighting caught my attention instantly. I tell you that the stained glass, work of Hardman & Co., is mind-blowing! I spent a lot of time admiring the glass.  

The ceiling is amazing as well. The central bell tower ceiling is painted oak, and how pretty! There are several devotional objects in the cathedral; take time to look around. There’s a store selling interesting items; have a look. There are candles that can be bought for a dollar or two, and lit. Ensure to remove the used candle cups, dispose them in designated containers, and then place a new candle cup to light. 

Places of worship always tend to fill  me with more energy and calm my being. With renewed energy, I hurried back to Circular Quay to meet my husband, who was returning from work. I will let my photos do the talking now.
St Mary's Cathedral
Oak ceiling, pipe organs, floor
Stained Glass
Their name lives on for all generations
St Pope John Paul II


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