Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sydney Series - Arrived on a stormy evening

We flew with Singapore Airlines from Bangalore to Sydney, and got about 80 SGD as gift, because we had opted for a round trip with SG Airlines, to shop at SG airport. Yay!

We arrived at Sydney on a stormy, rainy evening. Our cab driver was a talkative person; he briefed us about the city, the pubs and the gay pubs, and voiced his frustrations, the kind of passengers he gets and the issue that he faces with drunken people. Was surely a lot of good information!

That being a rainy evening, the streets were almost covered with dried Maple leaves; pavements had a few broken umbrellas; certain roads were closed for vehicle movement due to Vivid Sydney. We got off, paid and thanked the cab driver, and walked, dragging our suitcases on the wet pavements; that's when I heard a girl yelling at her friend, "Let's get wasted!"

Welcome to Sydney!

After a quick checkin at our hotel, we crashed at our room. Tomorrow was another interesting day!
Sydney during rains

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