Thursday, 8 March 2012

Chikmagalur - Eagle Eye Resort - A drive in the past

We have driven to Chikmagalur so many times that I have lost count. With every season, the place looks different (, mostly awesome). The roads may be the same each time we drive, but the experience is totally different. In this blog, I write about my visit to Chikmagalur a few years ago (with office friends). We drove from Bangalore to Chikmagalur; rain showers accompanied us on our journey. The weather was beautiful. The landscape was Green. The raindrops added a sense of romance. And the company was good. What more can one ask for?

Lake on the way to Chikmagalur
Mist-covered road
A village near Chikmagalur

We stayed at Eagle Eye resort, which is about 48 kilometers from Chikamagalur and about 2100 ft. above the sea level. The resort is situated at the Hoscodu Estate (130 acres). One has to drive deep into the estate to spot this resort. Tucked away in the silent valley, this resort is worth a visit. Of course, we were delighted to see the resort and the breath-taking view of the valley. I understand that the resort has undergone a few renovations and additions recently.

Estate road

We were to stay at a tree house, which is about 750 sq. ft, and has a portico, bedroom, and bathroom attached. The hammocks at the portico make one utterly lazy. Sounds exciting, isn't it? During day, the tree houses look absolutely inviting; however, during night, it's a different experience. Let me come back to that. The resort, as you already know, offers tree houses, cottages, rooms, and villas for travelers to stay. The forest wood is put to good use in cottages and furniture.

Now comes my favorite part - food! The resort serves delicious, healthy, and nutritious food. Some dishes are typical to Chikmagalur region, such as the Akki Roti, Akki Shavige, Kadabu, and dishes made from Jackfruit. Yes, non-vegetarian dishes are served too. Although the resort has an option of à la carte, they mostly serve buffet. The dining hall stands on the edge of a cliff; the view is serene. Ensure that you go for a walk to admire the orchids and other flora.

Dining hall


Orchid flowers

There is a lake in the property. Someone from the resort will accompany you to the lake. Coracles are available; a must try. The resort also arranges for treks, safari, and other activities. Ensure that you inform them earlier so that they can get permissions from forest department and make necessary arrangements. The resort has a badminton court, and guests can use it free of charge. It's located at one edge of a cliff; so don't go looking for the shuttlecock, in case it decides to glide down the cliff. At evenings, the resort arranges for drinks and snack here, and also starts a bonfire. You can dance to the music too!

Resort lake 
At dawn

Now came the time when we had to go to our tree houses. Oops... The night had covered everything with a thick Black blanket. No lights to guide. The resort assistants carried a torch, and guided us to our houses. A cute dog followed. As night grew heavy, we heard beating of drums - continuous beating till morning. There were other sounds; some recognizable, some not. With each sound, we woke up to greet the darkness. Why the beating of drums you ask? Oh, that's to keep the devils away. Nah... I'm kidding. That's to keep the elephants at bay. :-)

We didn't trek or use the safari service; you can imagine how lazy the group was. But what we did was to drive to Kemmanagundi. That drive was splendid. The bald hills covered with grass, the narrow roads, and the view - a divine combination. Due to rains, the road to Hebbe falls was in bad shape; we did not trek to the falls. The whole trip was to unwind and relax, rather than hop from place to place or from one activity to another. Memorable one.

For information about places to visit, see

Kemmangundi hills
Hope you enjoy your trip to Chikmagalur and your stay at Eagle Eye resort.