Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Yercaud - Drive, Coffee and Cuddle - Continued

April 2009

Continued from http://asha-ram.blogspot.com/2009/04/yercaud-drivecoffee-and-cuddle.html.

Lake - We drove past the lake many times, but wanted to visit is last. This lake is small and cute. No, this lake did not stink; nor was it dirty. There is less number of boats, and so, you have to wait for your turn. Several shops surround this lake, and on Sundays, there is a fair – vegetables, fruits, spices, clothes, and pulses – that attracts people from the neighboring villages. You can taste chilli bhajjis, boiled groundnuts, ripe mangoes, and others. You can drink hot coffee or tea. Of course, we ate the chilli bhajjis!
We watched the Sunrays dancing on the almost-still lake. We also watched people inside the boats, gliding on the silver-blue water. Both of us were enjoying the silence, peace within, and dancing water. Such joys are to be treasured! We also visited the nursery near the lake, admired the newly planted plants, and sighed because the nursery was not yet open for public to purchase plants.

Rose Garden - This garden has variety of rose plants and trees. A tree with fully bloomed flowers greeted us. What an aroma from the flowers! The rose plants were all getting ready for the May Flower Show. Only a few plants had flowered roses. The shade from the trees seemed to be alluring us. We slept beneath the shade of trees – a quick nap in the hot Sun. When I opened my eyes and looked up, I was pleasantly surprised to see Wood Roses hanging from the Wood Rose creeper. A rose without fragrance or attractive color, yet mesmerizing! The last that I saw of these Wood Roses was at my grandparents’ house.
Request: Please do not litter in the gardens.

Sterling Resort - We strolled into Sterling Resort for lunch. See http://www.sterlingresorts.in/customers/ycaudresort.html. As you enter the property, a big map of Yercaud greets you. You realize that best gifts come in small package – Yercaud too is one such package! And, the staff is courteous at Sterling. While the chef cooked delicious lunch only for us, we sat immersed in each other and in Nature. The view from the Sterling Resort is breath-taking. You can see the curved-roads up the hill. You can view the hills sliding behind the clouds. Lovely property! But, oh, you have to climb up and down a bit on this property. In case, you have elders with you, ensure you get a cottage that does not require too much climbing.

More later...
Asha Ram