Sunday, 24 February 2013

Agalatti River Retreat - Sakleshpur, Karnataka

On the Republic Day (2013), we drove to Sakleshpur, and to the Agalatti River Retreat. We were pleased to see Harsh, who received us in his usual warm and friendly manner. It was a few years since we visited Sakleshpur; we were glad to be visiting again.

Harsha's new retreat is lovely, amidst Nature. Various parts of the property are still being developed. We totally submerged in the beauty of the surroundings. The trees, flowers, bees, and birds seemed to be in sync with one another. The rooms and tents were neat, cute, and comfortable.

We walked in the streams that flow through the property. Played on the swings that were tied to the trees alongside the stream. It was fun to swing high, and let the feet glide over the stream. Even though the Sun was bright, the stream water was cool. Couldn't resist a dip in the stream.

The food that was served was homely. Harsha had got a special dish made - the Shavige (vermicelli). Oh God, we love this dish! Of course, we polished off our plates. He also served watermelon juice; the fruit has grown on the property, and the fruit was sweet.

I found a guava fruit that had fallen down; tasted it, and was it delicious! The pepper creepers hugged the tall trees. The chikoo fruits adorned the trees. The cute little pineapples peeped to see who the visitors were. The super spicy chillies looked like stars in the sky. Beautiful!

We wished that we could halt at the retreat that night, but we had to return to Hassan. Promising to visit again, we bid goodbye to Harsha, and drove back.