Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Yercaud - Bye Bye

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Pagoda Point – This is a lovely view point situated on the south side of Yercaud. We drove there early in the morning, thinking that the place would be quiet, and we could enjoy the peace, which is a rarity in the city. Three pagodas, built of loose stones, surround a small temple. We also added a stone to one of the pagodas. And then watched the Sun split the clouds and peep out.

As with all the beautiful spots in our country, this place was littered and defaced. A dog was chasing the solitary bus that was raising a cloud of dust as it drove through the village, children and women fetching water from a common water tap, and men lazing around on stone benches were but some of the sights of a village visible from the view point.

Spices, Plants, and more –
No trip to a hill station is complete without carrying back the local flavor and flora of the place. On the Lake-Sterling Resort road, we visited a nursery, which was well-stocked with plants. To our surprise, we discovered that most of the plants were suitable to the local climate of Bangalore. We were also provided a number of tips on how to acclimatize the plants to the local climate before replanting them. We took home a few plants to plant the memory of Yercaud in our garden. We also stopped by a shop to purchase spices, and then we returned to our resort to check out.

At the resort, we picked some lip-smacking marmalade and mixed vegetable pickle. A walk around the resort, lazing around, and we were ready for lunch. After filling our stomachs with tasty food, we bid goodbye to Yercaud.

Yercaud… Truly a place to rejuvenate.

Asha Ram