Thursday, 27 June 2013

Drive to Yercaud for a cuppa coffee

We always enjoy a cup of delicious and hot coffee. In search of such a cup of coffee, we drove about 230 kilometers from Bangalore during a working week, and then reached Yercaud (Tamil Nadu) for lunch. We have visited this place several times. This time around we only wanted to rest and enjoy whatever the place could offer us.

The tourist season was over. The streets were almost empty. The place was serene; was all for ourselves and for the locals. We couldn't ask for more, could we? Our route was:

Bangalore > Hosur > Krishnagiri > Dharmapuri > Salem > Yercaud

[For driving directions, see]

The National Highway Authorities are expanding the highway, and therefore, a few hiccups exist on the road from Hosur to Krishnagiri. Traffic moves slowly due to the road construction. On a working day, there was hardly any traffic on the roads. Awesome to stop, stretch legs, enjoy Nature, and then continue our journey.

As we drove up the hills, the temperature dropped by 2-3 degrees, and the chill breeze greeted us. The rain had washed the plants thoroughly. The road up hill is beautiful. A patrol car is stationed on the road; feel free to reach out to them, in case of any issues. Well, the waterfalls were dry; with a few more rains, the drive up the ghat section will be divine. Oh yes, the road was filled with monkeys! Please don't feed them; the forest has enough food to offer them.

Must I describe the coffee estates? The coffee grown at Yercaud may not be as famous or tasty as that from Coorg; however, one must try a cup of Yercaud coffee. Also try cup of hot tea along with hot and spicy bhajjis made from chilli, raw banana, onion, and potato, and watch the clouds slowly engulfing you. Ensure that you taste the locally grown fruits such as pear, pineapple, and fig. Usually, figs are served with a spoonful of Yercaud honey. Out of this world experience!

We were offered a room with a splendid view. During the evenings and early mornings, the clouds would literally enter our room, if the door was open. Aw, was like we were hosting a tea-coffee party only for the clouds! Sharing a few photos of the clouds...

At India, hill stations are an abode of Gods and Goddesses. Yercaud is no exception. Sri Raja Rajeswari temple is a tourist attraction; cameras and mobile phones strictly not allowed. The Shervaroyan temple is a cave temple and is situated on the top of Shervaroyan hill. Sri Lalitha Thripura Sundari Amman temple is situated at Nagalur, which is about 7 kilometers from Yercaud.

Sri Raja Rajeshwari temple

Sri Lalitha Thripura Sundari Amman temple
Mist at the Shervaroyan hill
The other tourist attractions are the Lady's Seat, Gent's Seat, Pagoda Point, Lake, and Kiliyur waterfalls. See the map for a list of tourist spots.

We also visited the gardens - Botanical garden, Horticultural garden, and Orchidarium. Will blog about the gardens in my Rake and Spade blogspot.

Our Yercaud experience is much more than these words and photos. With a bag full of goodies - coffee, honey, gulkand, spices, and plants - we returned home. Do visit Yercaud, if you already haven't.