Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sydney Series - Museum of Contemporary Art

It rained heavily the next day. We wore our rain jackets, and walked around the city. The rain and wind were strong; that wind had destroyed banners and stuff, and had displaced certain items as well. At the Circular Quay, the water rocked hard; the boats that were docked seemed to be playing ping-pong. Actually, that was scary amount of rain, and increased levels of water. Nothing seemed to stop travellers; a group of elderly travellers from Europe, a group from China, and we were thoroughly enjoying the weather.
Befriending the rain
As the rain poured hard on us, we ran to towards the Museum of Contemporary Art. When we walked into the museum, we were greeted with a variety of rain jackets and colourful umbrellas, at the cloak room, which was a free service. We were allowed to carry our backpack; but must be used as a front-pack.

The museum had a 20th Biennale of Sydney event, and how wonderful it was! The museum had multiple floors, hosting a rooftop cafe, a store, and a library as well. The "Please observe the following" notice (using graphics and text) was cute. Yes, we could take photos of all exhibits, keeping Flash off.
Odds :-)
I can't possible write about each and every artist/exhibit; will share minimum details. You must visit this museum to know more! The first exhibit that we sniffed, and then followed the aroma was that of
coffee beans; coffee indicated to flow out of assorted coffee mugs, using the beans. The other exhibits were “The Creation 1995” by Noa Eshkol (1924-2007, Israel); photographs of Dayanita Singh, "Kitchen Museum 2015"; etched ink stains resembling blood by Judy Watson (1959-), "A preponderance of aboriginal blood 2005"; humble household items by Fiona Hall (1953-); many, many, many more!

Those are the coffee beans. :-)
Coffee and cloth!
The famous blood paintings!
Judy Watson's paintings
A collage showing "Untitled - Display, Displace, Dispense, Dispirit, Display, Dismiss" by Gordon Bennett!

The beautiful paintings using coffee, "Refugee art project!" This project made me a little emotional.
Coffee painting and Indian cinema

"The Outside 2005" by Emily Floyd! There was the most lovely “Sonic Blossom 2013-present” by Lee Mingwei; ongoing participatory performance with chair, music stand, costume, spontaneous song! Loved it to tears!
And when our food for thought and heart was fulfilled, our stomachs growled, seeking attention. We went to the rooftop cafe, MCA Cafe, which was packed with people. We were glad to share a table with a stranger - an elderly traveler.
MCA Cafe
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